Custom Conveyor Systems

Even though Dorner provides the most extensive offering of standard conveyors, modifications and custom conveyor solutions are sometimes needed to achieve the optimum conveyor package. Dorner has over 30 years of experience providing engineering expertise to our customers. Working with companies in more than 40 different industries, we are able to draw from a wide base of conveying application knowledge and apply it to your specific custom conveyor needs. Our state-of-the-art lean manufacturing facility allows us to build these conveyors quickly and cost effectively.

Dorner offers a wide variety of integrated conveyor system solutions and controls to automate and optimize your processes. We offer full installation and training services along with maintenance planning through an experienced staff of field and service professionals.

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Work Holding & Elevation Changes – Conveyor System Solutions

Holding parts to the belt for elevation changes or controlled positioning can be achieved in a variety of ways. Depending upon the application and product, conveyors that utilize magnets, vacuum, cleats or fixtures are available in a wide variety of configurations.

  • Magnetic Conveyors
  • Vacuum Conveyors
  • Special Cleated Conveyors
  • Fixtured Conveyors

Product Flow Conveyor System Solutions

Controlling the continuous flow of products through the line is critical to maintain efficiency. Product Flow is achieved using a variety of methods and components depending upon the product, flow path and equipment with which to interface.

  • Diverters & Gates
  • Pushers
  • Lane Guiding

Positioning Conveyor System Solutions

Product Positioning when stopping is often a necessity for processes such as inspection, assembly or feeding into equipment. This can be achieved in different ways depending upon the accuracy required.

  • Servo Drives
  • Timing Belt Conveyors
  • Shaft Encoders

Line Access Solutions

Access to equipment, work areas and the efficient movement of personnel can be provided by utilizing lift gates and pivot conveyors in the conveyor line.

  • Lift Gates
  • Pivot Conveyors

In-Line Inspection Solutions

In-line inspection processes can be automated and enhanced using a variety of conveyor modifications.

  • Backlit Conveyors
  • Metal Free Conveyor Zone

Multiple Belts – One Drive Systems

When multiple lanes of product are needed, driving multiple belts or conveyors from a single drive is an energy efficient option.

  • Common Driven Conveyors
  • Multiple Belt Conveyors